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Vintage beauty of the 1940′s is immortalized by the women of the era. Veronica Lake, Maria Montez, Virginia Mayo, and other sexy ladies of the era listed here were the dreams of many young men at the time. I want to do an era posting of every decade from the 1940′s up through our current time to show how our perception of beauty, and fashion has changed. I thought this would be a great post both men, and women would appreciate for very different reasons.

I personally love the classic look of women. I mean who didn’t think Jessica Rabbit was hot? Well she was said to be modeled after the 1940′s classic beauty Veronica Lake, which we are capturing here. So enjoy the photos of these ladies of yesterday, and leave us some comments of your favorites below.


Veronica Lake

Veronica Lake 1940's ActressBorn in Brooklyn with the name “Constance Frances Marie Ockelman” and raised in Florida, Veronica Lake was sexy all the way around. She is probably one of the biggest sex symbols of the era, and is said to be the inspiration of the popular Jessica Rabbit from the 1980′s film “Who Framed Roger Rabbit”. during the 1940′s she starred in films such as Duffy’s Tavern, Saigon, This Gun for Hire, and many more. Veronica wasn’t just flying on screen either she was an accomplished aviatrix who flew from Los Angeles to New York in 1948. SO HOT: Id let her captain my ship any day!

Susan Hayward

Susan HaywardAnother born in New York beauty who only stumbled into her life of fame. She originally intended to be a secretary, before doing some modeling, and being whisked to Hollywood where she would find her fame. Susan Hayward made a huge splash in films like Smash Up: The Story of a Woman, Jack London, and Deadline at Dawn.  Although you cant tell from the picture Susan was a fiery red head, with enough beauty on camera to light up the entire cinema. SO HOT: Bill Clinton couldn’t handle this would have been secretary.

Vivien Leigh

Vivien LeighCloser to my heart than most of the actresses from the 40′s mainly because of her starring role in Gone with the Wind as Scarlett O’Hara who I happen to share the same last name. Vivien Leigh was born in India, and schooled in London. A different upbringing than most of her counterparts in Hollywood, especially for the time. Vivien Leigh was cultured, exotic, and showed every bit of it in front of the camera. You can check out Ms. Leigh starring in some of the 1940′s most popular films like Gone with the Wind, 21 Days Together, and Waterloo Bridge. Probably one of the most recognized dames from the era. HOT AS: Classy ladies in a cigar shop.

Maria Montez

Maria MontezNicknamed the Carribean Cyclone, Maria de Santo Silas as she was born would grow up to be a rare latin face in Hollywood for the time. Also cultured to a high degree, she was the daughter of a diplomat, educated in the Canary Islands. She would first attempt to make her name known in the stage shows of Euorpe, but in 1941 while working in New York as a model her film career would take off. With her tan exotic skin, and sexy accent the film world would grow to love her in adventure films like Arabian Nights, and the Invisible Woman. There is no doubt that Maria Montez was one of a kind in Hollywood for her time, despite her acting critics disapproval, the public begged for more of Ms. Montez. HOT AS: Well she made the caribean beach fantasy real for many so….


Martha Vickers

Martha VickersAll American Michigan born native Martha Vickers was able to relate to her audience, because she came from the same beginnings as most of us did. The raving redhead was known for her fictional parts in Frankenstein meets the Wolfman, Captive Wild Woman, The Mummy’s Ghost, and many other films of the same genre. I think many people recognize Martha Vickers when they see her on the screen, but it isn’t until you see her up close in her still photography that you realize how amazingly beautiful she really was. Very much a part of the Hollywood dating scene Martha Vickers would show up to events with some of the 1940′s Hollywood biggest names. She would finally marry A.C. Lyles in 1948, crushing the hopes of many many men from there on out. SO HOT: We would go chasing in a tomb of mummies after her to, hell I would have chased her anywhere.

So there you have it! 5 of the most beautiful women from the 1940′s era. I would like to know what you guys think. How do you think its different from then till now. Who were you favorite actresses from this time and era?.  Also stay tuned because I am planning to do every decade up until now, just to see how our perception has changed through the years. Please look up these lovely ladies for more classic photography from the era.

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8 Responses to Sexy Women of the 1940′s

  1. P OHara says:

    Loving Susan Hayward!

  2. Wait until you see Veronica Lake!

  3. mmminja says:

    Okay so picture these senarios with the same woman in each and tell me what you would find most sexy

    First, the woman looks like this: petite and small, with long, flowing dark hair. With that, you feel in the rest according to what you find attractive. I simply want to know which of the following ways of how she presents herself would be the most attractive to you, personally. Here goes…,

    1. Very feminine: A woman who is very proud of her femininity who wears dresses all the time, loves frills, lace, and flowers. She’s always wearing heels and loves all things girly!

    2. Country woman: A woman who liked to dress up and look her best, but that usually mean cowboy boots for everything! This woman is proud of her femininity as well, but she’s also not afraid to get a little dirty. She’s sassy, independant, hardworking… well, she’s country.

    3. Pin-up girl: Resembling those woman of the 1940′s & 50′s, this woman’s style is all sexy vintage! With form-fitting pencil skirts, or high-waisted booty shorts and exposed stomachs, she’s proud to show off some curves!

    Remember, this is based on their appearance only. So which is it? 1, 2, or 3?

    Thanks so much!

  4. skychi99 says:

    The Bad Boy type definition I’m talking about…Is the sexy, usually poor guy from the wrong side of the tracks, that has the I’ll beat anyone’s A $ $ if I feel like it attitude, that loves to party and comes from the abusive, criminally dysfunctional family covered in tattoos.

    Here’s the question why, once you get to know these men do they all seem to share characteristics like watching old time black and white classic movies or TV shows..even cartoons. They seem to secretly love, Leave it to Beaver, Spongebob, or 1940′s music…after a evening of beating people to a bloody pulp in a mosh pit? What gives? I have dated many guys like this and after a while it confuses us girls as to who the Hell they are? Women have you noticed this? For the Men why do you do this? Is it just split personality?

  5. Kobe says:

    I’m doing a personal study on how woman have been portrayed in art throughout the years.
    I’m looking at the Pin-up girl cartoons of the 1940′s and was just wondering what other people’s opinions were; Personally I think that they liberated women from the constraints society labelled them with and allowed them to be seen more as people; sexy and confident rather then housewives and mothers.
    However my teacher said that he sees it as they have been objectified and made to seem like one dimentional characters with the pupose of men’s entertainment.
    what does everyone else think?

  6. Vultre9 says:

    You know those movies with a detective in the dark sitting at his desk with one lamp on smoking a cigar, and sometimes the scene has an attractive woman come in, or be sitting on his desk or something? Do you know where I could find a picture like that? I dont even know what to type into google to look for. If not a picture like that, some sort of “sexy” woman picture from that era.. I try to think of the movie “Chicago” for a reference if you have a hard time understanding what kind of sexy or theme I am talking about.

    Any help would be nice. It’s for a collage I’m doing.
    Thanks so much!

  7. Thomas says:

    The five sexiest women of the 1940s – now for the right answer: Paulette Goddard, Hedy Lamarr, Ava Gardner, Gene Tierney, and Ella Raines.

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