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Improve Online Gaming Latency With WTFast

Improve Online Gaming Latency With WTFast P OHara

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High online gaming latency, and the challenge to improve online gaming latency is a constant battle for anyone that is serious about internet gaming. Picture it, you and your partner are enthralled in a ranked PvP death match of epic proportions against an equally skilled team. You have killed one opponent, and the remaining contender just downed your team-mate. You are both at killing blows when you charge in for the kill with the perfect combo at your fingertips, when the screen clips, and you just realize you are looking at the log in screen. Latency or lag as some people has just struck again like an evil warlock who has just cursed you with instant death.

Improve Online Gaming LatencyThis scenario of coincidentally perfectly timed lag to disconnect has probably played out for every hard-core online gamer out there today. If you are a PvP’er this is particularly frustrating. There are all kinds of nice tweaks, and lower resource solutions you can make to your system, but I have one online gaming latency tool today that can seriously boost your connectivity, latency, and overall performance in online gaming.

Improve Online Gaming Latency

Enter WTFast, an online gaming latency optimizer which basically in simple terms helps your internet to ping the fastest route to the gaming servers, and back to your computer. Now obviously it is probably a bit more complicated than that, but I would honestly be guessing if I tried to delve any further. The nitty-gritty is that it improves latency, and makes the inter-web faster!! Great news for all of us who could use a better internet connection.

I have personally been using WTFast to play World of Warcraft for probably the better part of 4 years now. It does in fact improve your latency, and as much as I travel I have seen greatly different results depending on where I am throughout the world. The one thing that has always been consistent for me though, is that I can depend on WTFast to improve my quality of gaming hands down. WTFast will work with any game that supports a TCP connection, which is just about everything except for a few that run on a UDP connection.

So if your ready to step up your game, and increase your chances at scoring that game winning killing blow check out WTFast. You can even try it out for free before you subscribe to make sure you get the benefits of the program.

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2 Responses to Improve Online Gaming Latency With WTFast

  1. for some reason, it doesn’t always help my latency, especially when I’m going into an instance for raiding…having it run makes my latency go up higher, sometimes even 1,200ms. I like how you explained the PvP battle, very visual and epic :)

    • P OHara says:

      Well it often does show a high latency rate as you first login. I wonder does the latency start to drop after you have been in the instance for a moment? I to have noticed it reporting very high latency for the first minute or two, but it seems to normalize quickly.

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