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Published on March 9th, 2013 | by P OHara


How To Get The New Facebook News Feed Now

The last time we seen a huge overhaul to Facebook it was the dreaded Timeline which caused massive insanity, and terror through the streets of Narnia. OK, maybe that’s an exaggeration, but Facebook is rolling out a new look that appears to actually be a big hit with its over 1.06 billion users. The new design comes with a host of new features to include a wider viewing, bigger pictures, and of course more personalized ad placement (YAY! Now check out this article from Gizmodo on how to opt out of that pesky “enhanced advertisement experience”).

The new design is just an evolution of the web as we know it, and I believe it is certainly an upgrade to the user experience. I haven’t personally had an opportunity to play with it, but judging from the pictures it seems Facebook is attempting to keep up with the times. This renewed vision of the platform may be coming at the perfect time as even Facebook was reportedly recognizing that teens which make up the largest part of their user base were beginning to get bored of the site.

Facebook News Feed Redesign

If you are using a mobile device with the Facebook app then you are already getting a taste of who the redesign will be like. Facebook is attempting to make a fluid experience between all devices, which is something I love about the redesign. The new design will feature the left and right collapsing panels, along with a host of other new features, will be rolled out among all platforms in the coming weeks.

Facebook has announced that this will not be an update which goes live all at once, but will instead be let out slowly over an extended period. The thinking behind this is probably to build hype, and avoid any large sweeping bugs that may arise over their huge user’s base. If you would like to try and make sure that you are one of the first to get the new design then just head over to the link below, scroll to the bottom, and hit the big green button to be added to the list.

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