Sexiest Women of CosPlay

Cosplay is looked at by many as Nerdy, and something only kids do at Live Action Role Play (LARP) events. Nothing could be further from the truth though, especially when you get these smoking ladies on the scene. Showing up at places like Comicon, Blizzcon, and other live events these ladies steal the show, and give hope to all us controller toting males who oogle them, that somewhere on this planet our princess toadstool awaits in knee highs. Some CosPlay ladies reserve their fashions for just the occasional show while others make it a full time hobby. Some of these ladies have built up quite a following, with their highly detailed designs, and subculture sex appeal. So check out the Ladies of CosPlay gallery above for a ton of great pics, and our top 3 Sexiest Women of Cosplay with three very different styles below. Complete with fan site info, so you can be sure to catch up on their next appearances.


Kato is by far our favorite CosPlay girl for a number of reason. She is an entrepreneur, fashion designer, and we just cant help but dig a British accent. Another great thing is she is very down to earth, and even granted me an email interview not to long ago that I intend to put up here on AngerBoot soon. This girl is the whole geek package too, with her own Deviant Art site, a fashion design site specializing in Steam Punk, and last but not least her own erotic pics and videos site where she shows off her near perfect… ahem, measurements.

SteamPunk is very cool and you can find representations of it almost everywhere. It draws on a Neo Victorian cross post apocalyptic¬†design which is very cool. Fans of World of Warcraft are very familiar with SteamPunk design’s as the entire theme of the game is based around such graphic arts.

Stalk Her:

SteamPunk Couture


This is Kato


Kamui Cosplay#2 Kamui CosPlay (Svetlana Quindt)

Svetlana Quindt is widely known for her outrageously decorated World of Warcraft CosPlay designs. She takes it to whole new heights with her ideas, and detail. What we like most about her, is that she has that such a German girl next door look, until you strap chainmail, and armor all over her of course.

Svetlana does workshops, and events all over the world to help expand the CosPlay community. You can always catch her at Blizzcon, or meshing in the crowds at events in Japan. Her Journalism background helps her to really keep her audience engadged with her online, and nothing is really hotter than a German speaking Barbarian!

Alodia Gosienfiango#3 Alodia Gosiengfiao

Well you cant conjure up imaginations of sexy girls in fantasy role play costumes without going Asian. Alodia has made awesome accomplishments in CosPlay, Music, and as a celebrity endorser. Anime is where Alodia finds her niche with a fair complexion, and giant eye blue contacts. Her style of CosPlay is more on the anime side and she does it well.


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