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Published on September 10th, 2013 | by P OHara


My Complete Software Stack for Improving Online Gaming Latency…..

I travel, a lot. Sometimes my travels take me to remote locations, hotels, and different places that have terrible internet. The other problem is I also love playing online MMO‘s, particularly World of Warcraft. So I also belong to a social group of players that come together to take on new content, better known as a guild. As a member to this guild I have certain obligations to be available online at certain times through the week to progress with the team. I have come up with a few software releases that help me to make sure my connectivity always leaves me able to keep those commitments and I want to share them here with you today.

Connectify – Dispatch

The team at Connectify created this tool to allow users to take advantage of multiple connections at any time. Now some people will quickly point out that it can only use one port for each program or any program that uses multiple ports to take effect. What I am gonna say is that I have had Connectify – Dispatch take my latency from over 2-3k ms all the way down to 3-400 ms alone. So I realize games may also use several ports that can take advantage of the Dispatch software, and I usually USB tether my phone and pad through the software.

Connectify Dispatch lets you combine bandwidth from all your computer’s Internet connections. Got Wi-Fi AND 4G? Two Wi-Fi adapters? Ethernet AND 3G? Dispatch will work with any and all of these technologies to increase your bandwidth. Seamlessly.

Dispatch is certainly not for everyone. As a gamer I get a lot out of it, and I am still just learning how to use it. You can set it to give certain priorities to certain programs such as torrents while keep a totally separate connection dedicated to what you are working on.

I really hope to do a full article on this one sooner than later though, that will give some great advice on optimizing multiple connection loads.  Team Connectify are really some great innovator’s, and are certainly on the cutting edge of improving online connectivity. Be sure to check out their other software as well.

Get Connectify – Dispatch here


Now you probably will note that I have been a big supporter of WTFast on other gaming blogs I wrote on. basically what this program does is optimize your ping route. I am not an IT guru so don’t slam me for not wording things correctly here, but in laymen terms it basically just makes the path your pin travels to the gaming servers take the shortest route. It just makes your internet smarter. Now I am not sure, but if you are running it with Dispatch then I suspect it only optimizes one of your connections. Every bit helps though.

WTFast works with any game that uses a TCP connection to communicate with your game servers. Generally called a tunneling service, there are other options out there, but I have found WTFast to be my favorite.

Get WTFast here

Razer Game Booster

For years this was a program maintained by IObit. Gamers have relied on Game Booster for as long as I can remember, and eventually my favorite gaming peripheral creator Razer got a hold of IObit and teamed up with them to make an even better program. Razer Game Booster does not necessarily do anything to help your communication with gaming servers, but it does optimize your computer for gaming, and will shut down unnecessary programs that may be eating your bandwidth in the background. In addition you can also take video and snapshots while it is running. By far one of my favorite programs, and it is absolutely free.

Get the Razer Game Booster

So there you have it guys, I highly recommend giving any of these a try. I use all 3 simultaneously along with some other optimizing tweaks I will put in another post later.

Leave us some comments, tips, and tricks below with your experiences as well to let others know about your experience.


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